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M. A. Clark's Homepage
A Clark McMullen Project

Last Modified August 25th, 1997

This page is frames free! But unlike Sara F, I don't know how to do frames, so this isn't saying much! *grin* I plan to come out with a frames version of this sometime in the future.

Are you ready to enter The Lost Zone?

People seeking, writhing, wanting out,

some not? WHo are you?

Who are any of us?


The program this evening is not new
You've seen this entertainment thru and thru
You've seen yr birth, yr life and yr death,
You might recall all the rest
Did you have a good life?
Enough to base a movie on?

--The Lizard King

There must be some kind of way out of here
said the joker to the thief
There's to much confusion
I can't get no relief.

--The Voodoo Child

Sleep and Dream, thats all I crave
I travel far across the Milky Way
To my master, I become a slave
Till we meet again, some other day
Where silence speaks as loud as war,
and the earth returns to what it was before ...

--Wanderers in the Pleasure Dome

LinkExchange Member

Hello, welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is M. A. Clark, and I want to be a writer. I go to a really small private Christian school. I have a fair number of friends, but two of my real close ones are Zac and Thomas. I am not real outgoing, but Thomas is, so he kind of compesates for that when I'm around him. I'm about 6'1, blue eyes that want to be grey, and brown hair. I have a scar on my right side from a three wheeler turn- ing over on me. I guess thats aboutit. Oh, one thing, I am a huge fan of J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. I do not know what other people think of it, but a really good Tolkien page is the J. R. R. Tolkien Information page. A good one on Lewis is Into the Wardrobe.

Now to those of you who find this page, you're probably won't be real impressed. Give me a chance. This is my first page, and this is more of an experiment than anything. I hope to get some stories up, and of course more links. Please recheck this out. Please note that this page is alwas under construction

I was at the Writers' Forum where all kinds of strange things happen. In fact, my friend died and was reincarnated as a kangaroo ... but if you want that story, you need to go here. Some strange things have happened on there. This includes internet candy, where the top notch scientist have tried to send sugar via the Internet. Then there was Rommie, a CD Rom. There is always something happening. Especially on The Young Writers' forum. IF you are a writer, then I highly recommend them to you. There is plenty of serious writing discussion on there too.

I thought since this is a homepage there should be some info on me! *g* Gee, what a marvel concept! Anyway, this material originally appeared on the forums. I now have 120 stars on Mario 64 just in case yr curious. *hehehe* Sure you really were! I am giving an unaltered version of this. It was a questionaire and these were my answers. Some of it needs a little updating tho'. God has confirmed to me the fact that I am meant to be married. Just be careful what you asked for (I learned that the hard way!) *g*.

Well, I probably should not even bother, but you asked for it. I am sorry if I ruin any preconceptions of me!

ME: shy, honest, on the quiet side, unathletic, like the computer, LOVE the N64! Deep thinking, taking delight in good intellectual talk. Afraid of rejection. Creative (sort of). Have been described as a debater, some one with nice little sense of humor. Some people think I am a "classic romantic" just because I made a few postings but romance. But Maybe I am romantic. Also Christian.

LIKES: Music (rock and country), being with my friends, writing stories. Some may think this weird, but on different names I really like them. Like Stacy and Ariel or Arianna. I LOVE Tolkien and Lewis! They're the bomb. I want to learn to play the guitar, but my brother took his acoustic! (El Stupido idota!) hugs and kisses. I like Mario too! I like it when I can actually get to know a girl without flubbing it up in some way. I like most rocking Van Halen songs, and some Pearl Jam.

DISLIKES: Math, trouble, unattainable things that it is hard to turn yr desires elsewhere. Not being able to have Captian Crunch (Peanut butter) cereal everyday. Some of the more hellish scenarioes in my familie's history. The fact that I don't have real high self-esteem. That some albums are only like 30 minutes long. Feelings of inadeqecy. THe fact that in a postion where there is a lot of people (like Youth Group) that I don't know very well, I CAN'T be very bold. I also have to many unfinished written things. *On a lighter note* I don't like not having all 120 stars on Mario! Also that the Hampster (My Gold ford) drinks so much gas.

WANT TO GO TO: A tropical paradise for my honeymoon. Call me crazy, but that is where I want go for it. England. I LOVE the accent! I want to visit Tolkien and Lewis's old haunts. Also Scotland. Want to see Stone Henge.

Too long a posting, to be continued ...

This is a continuation of my own little description of my self.

WHAT I WANT TO DO: I have a desire to bungee jump. Also want to parachute out of a plain. See an angel. Have a nice family (3 - 5 kids) when I am older. Get Vigil in OA. I would also like to have some associtations with WWF. ALso race in NASCAR.

SCARED OF: aliens (Yeah I know, corky!) The chance that I am one of those not meant to be married. One of my (future) children not being healthy. The chance that this forum might die some day along with the rest of us. Damnation of the unsaved. The fact that Pearl Jam might break up.

EFFECTS ON WRITING: Well its me. All my writing is blunded up with my preconceptions of human nature, fears, hopes, dreams. So yeah, it does effect the content of my writing.

I am sorry about all of this. Writing this has put me in a depressed mood. I don't have a real high self esteem, so forgive me. I do have (somewhat) feelings of inferiority.


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    Well, this is me working busily away in a hidden Elvish Valley ... well, maybe not. This is Bilbo Baggins in the act of transcribing his History of the Elves. But there is some dispute on this. This could just as well be a fanciful hobbitish portrait of Tolkien himself. If you want to see a really cool map, go here!

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